1. Eligibility for CPS pricing.

To be eligible for CPS, your Lexus vehicle must meet the following conditions:

a) the vehicle was first sold in Australia; and

b) first delivery of the vehicle was taken on or after 1 January 2020.

Lexus vehicles purchased by Lexus Corporate Customers, which are entitled to complimentary servicing, are not eligible for CPS.

2. Term of Coverage

Your vehicle’s eligibility for CPS will commence on the “Warranty Registration Date” recorded in the Logbook and will expire upon the first to occur of any of the following three conditions:

a) the performance of the allocated number of Standard Services eligible for CPS, as set out in the Logbook;

b) by Warranty Registration Date:

the expiry of the CPS odometer reading for the specific vehicle (and specified build date, if applicable) from the Warranty Registration Date, as listed in the CPS Criteria Table.

c) by odometer reading:

the expiry of the CPS Duration period for the specific vehicle (and specified build date, if applicable), as listed in the CPS Criteria Table.

the “CPS Term”.

3. Service Intervals and Claim Periods

Service intervals are for a given distance or period of time, as specified in the CPS Criteria Table.

The Capped Service Price can be claimed within 3 months or 4,000 kms past the relevant service interval (“Claim Period”). Once the relevant Claim Period expires, the next Standard Service will become available and the Capped Service Price for the expired Claim Period will be forfeit. You cannot claim the Capped Service Price for Standard Service for a specified distance and the corresponding time period separately.

4. Inclusions

The Capped Service Price includes all service work and supply of the items listed in the Logbook Maintenance Schedule for each Standard Service during the CPS Term. This includes the inspection and adjustment of all items listed in the Logbook Maintenance Schedule and the cost of genuine parts, labour and fluids required for each Standard Service.

5. Exclusions

The Capped Service Price does not cover any labour, items or fluids which are not listed in the Logbook Maintenance Schedule or which are listed in the Logbook Additional Maintenance Schedule. Such exclusions may include, but are not limited to:

a) Additional 'Maintenance for severe operating conditions.

b) Normal wear and tear items requiring additional maintenance (e.g. fuses, brake pads replacement, wiper blades, batteries, wheel alignment correction, tyres etc.).

c) Air conditioner filter replacement unless specified in the normal maintenance schedule.

d) Accident damage to anybody, chassis or driveline components.

e) Additional maintenance and repairs that may be recommended by your Lexus Dealer to suit your particular driving conditions No service or repair work subject to an exclusion above will be undertaken on the eligible vehicle without your prior agreement, and will be charged in addition to the Capped Service Price.

6. Transfer of CPS

CPS cannot be transferred to any other vehicle and remains with your Lexus vehicle for the full duration of the CPS Term, regardless of any change in ownership. Subsequent owners of Lexus vehicles which are not eligible for CPS are not entitled to claim services under CPS in respect of those vehicles.

7. Further information

For further information, please contact your Lexus Dealer, or contact the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 023 009.



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