Inside a Lexus Service Centre - a range of vehicles are being serviced by professional Lexus Service Centre Technicians.

Capped priceServicing

Servicing your Lexus

A Lexus is a precise work of automotive technology that our technicians are specially trained to understand. Our expert technicians provide a specialist service that protects your investment, ensuring your Lexus is a pleasure to drive, now and into the future.

With Capped Price Servicing,1 you always know exactly how much you'll pay each time you have your scheduled logbook service.

Lexus keys sit on the console of a Lexus RX.

The Capped Price Service quotation is model specific and applies to the standard scheduled logbook service. It is based on normal operating conditions for the time period or kilometres specified (whichever occurs first), up to a max number of services.

The Capped Price Servicing period will commence on the Vehicle’s Warranty Registration Date. To book a service, please contact your preferred Lexus Dealer.

01.Applies to standard scheduled logbook servicing (normal operating conditions) as listed in the CPS Criteria Table. Lexus vehicles that receive complimentary servicing are not eligible for Capped Price Servicing. For details or to confirm eligibility see your Lexus dealer or visit


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