The NX 350h was both the top-selling hybrid and top-selling Lexus overall in 2023.

Lexus Electrified

4th January 2024


Lexus Australia has taken a major step forward, significantly reducing customer wait times across its volume-selling models by delivering more cars in a single year than at any other time in its 33 years in Australia.

The luxury brand delivered 15,192 vehicles to customers, eclipsing its previous best total of 9,612 deliveries set in 2019.

Electrified models drove the result with a total of 9,170; with 60.4 per cent of deliveries being hybrid electric (HEV), plug-in hybrid electric (PHEV) or fully electric (BEV) - the first time intelligent electrified powertrains accounted for the majority of deliveries.

The most popular Lexus models had wait times reduced from over 12 months, and in the case of the top-selling NX 350h from beyond 24 months, down to 4 to 6 months.

Lexus Australia Chief Executive John Pappas said the unrelenting support of global production teams and local dealers enabled the result.

"Throughout the year we received a massive injection of stock across the board, particularly for hybrid-electric variants that continue to attract huge demand," Mr Pappas said.

"The importance of this result is not about achieving a record, it's about satisfying more customers while delivering a benchmark luxury experience."

The best-selling NX lead the way with 6,875 sales, including 3,417 sales of hybrid and plug-in hybrid.

The new-generation RX launched early in 2023 experienced the model's strongest demand in more than a decade, with intelligent hybrid powertrains accounting for 85 per cent of all RX deliveries.

RX Hybrid variants (RX 350h left, and RX 500h) accounted for 85 per cent of all RX sales in 2023.

Deliveries of UX doubled over the previous year, and more LX flagship 4WDs and ES luxury sedans were delivered than at any time in their respective histories.

"I want to thank customers for their loyalty and assure them that we continue to work with our manufacturing plants to normalise supply across all our models."

RX 500h and LX wait times have reduced slightly but remain a challenge at 12 months or more, with Lexus continuing to take expressions of interest for NX PHEV for the foreseeable future.

Mr Pappas said he expects 2024 to be another strong year with continued healthy demand across the range.

"Exciting all-new models in the LBX and GX will launch in the first half of this year, adding diversity to our lineup and attracting new customers to the brand," Mr Pappas said.

Lexus Australia is committed to electrified powertrains accounting for 80 per cent of its new car volume by 2025, on its way to 100 per cent electrified powertrains by 2030.

2023 Lexus deliveries by powertrain type

Hybrid1(HEV) 8,377
Plug-in Hybrid2(PHEV) 415
Battery Electric3(BEV) 378
Petrol & Diesel 6,022
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Lexus Electrified

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