Lexus Connected Services Privacy FAQ

Who is the entity responsible for processing Lexus Connected Vehicle data?
Connected Vehicle data collection and processing is undertaken by Lexus Australia and other members of the One Lexus Network.

For more detailed information about how Lexus handles your data and personal information please refer to:
Lexus Privacy Policy:

What information is being collected and how is it being used?
Lexus Connected Services are delivered by collecting and utilising your vehicle and personal data for the purpose of delivering Lexus Connected Services.

In the following circumstances and events:

A. During an Automatic Collision Notification (ACN) and Emergency Call (SOS) where it is visible to Lexus Emergency Assistance and shared with emergency responders, and
B. During a Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT) request where it is visible to Lexus Stolen Vehicle Assistance and shared with police.

In the event, your vehicle’s Location Data, (latitude and longitude) is used to determine where your vehicle needs assistance. Your Personal Information (when you call our Lexus Emergency Assistance or Stolen Vehicle Assistance) such as your name, address, phone number, email address, etc. to verify your account, and your Voice Recordings to provide assistance to you and for quality assurance.

What measures do you take to secure and protect my data?
We protect your data using a risk-based security program that relies upon a range of technical and administrative controls, such as the use of dedicated networks and encryption, as appropriate.

Your Personal Information, provided when you lease or purchase a Connected Vehicle, is retained on servers that are secured according to industry best practices.

Where is my data stored and is it sent overseas?
Personal Information and Vehicle Data may be processed and stored outside of Australia and is treated with the highest level of safety and security standards associated with Lexus.

For more detailed information about how Lexus handles your data personal information please refer to our privacy policy:

How long will my data be held for?
Data collected from your vehicle is stored for different periods of time dependent on specific data purpose. Unless we are required to retain your information for a longer period as required or authorised by or under law, your information will be retained by us for as long as reasonably necessary to provide and support the products and services you have obtained from Lexus.

Who do you share my data and personal information with?
We do not disclose any of your personal information to any parties without your prior consent, unless we are required to by law. Data is only subject to disclosure in the case of demand from law enforcement agencies, regulators or courts as required by local laws.

We do not share your Personal Information with: a. Data Resellers. b. Social Networks. c. Ad Networks. d. Insurance providers, unless we have your consent or as required by law.

How can I view, modify, or delete my data? And what data can I get access to?
We erase data where we no longer have a legitimate/reasonable basis for continuing to hold it. To review your information please contact us as set out below.

Can anyone else access my data or act on my behalf?
You and only you; however, should you wish to authorise someone else to access your account, e.g. a family member or partner, please contact us as set out below.

What personal data do you collect and is any of the information personally sensitive such as biometric or medical data?
We collect your basic personal information to provide the Connected Services and communicate with you, including vehicle data which does not include biometric, medical data.

All vehicle data is of a non-sensitive nature and we do not share your information without your prior consent.

What do I need to know and what should I do if I sell my vehicle or buy a used Lexus vehicle?
If you do not notify us of a sale or transfer of your vehicle, we may continue to send data about the vehicle or Connected Service account to the subscriber’s personal contact information currently on file with us. In such case, we are not responsible for any privacy related damages you may suffer.

Who do I contact if I have a general enquiry, question or concern about my Data and Privacy?
For a more detailed explanation on the use of your data, privacy rights, please refer to Lexus Privacy Policy:

Should you have questions or concerns about the use of your data or would like to update your Personal Information collected as part of Connected Services, please contact us: [email protected]

Who do I contact if I have a general enquiry, question, or concern about my Lexus Connected Services?
Your local Lexus Dealer is the first point of contact for Lexus Connected Services Product related enquiries. Lexus Connected Hub:

You can also contact the Lexus Customer Assistance Centre on 1800 023 009 between Monday - Friday 9:00am-5:30pm AEST or please email: [email protected]

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