Lexus LF-ZElectrified

Lexus LF-Z

The Next Generation of Lexus

The Lexus LF-Z Electrified has been unveiled as a concept battery electric vehicle (BEV) symbolising the Lexus brand transformation – incorporating driving performance, styling and advanced technology set to be realised by 2025.

To deliver the significant evolution of vehicle performance using electrification technology, which is the aim of the Lexus Electrified vision, the LF-Z Electrified adopts a dedicated BEV platform.

Front spindle of LF-Z
Birdseye view of LF-Z

An Electrified Driving Experience

The LF-Z features a new four-wheel driving force control technology known as DIRECT4, which uses the instant responsiveness of an electric motor's driving force to individually control each wheel for superior and highly flexible driving performance.

By fusing the electrification technologies and vehicle motion control technologies that Lexus has long cultivated, a core aim is to evolve driving performance in a way that better connects the driver with their vehicle.

Drawing from advanced lithium-ion battery technology, the LF-Z Electrified realises a maximum 600km cruising range [WLTP] on a single charge - combined with 400kW of power, 700Nm of torque and standstill to 100km/h performance in 3.0 seconds.

Enhanced Human-Machine Connection

The sculpted and emotional exterior of the LF-Z Electrified strongly accentuates the uniqueness of Lexus design and expresses the dynamic and agile driving sensation delivered by high-output electric motors.

To provide a 'uniquely BEV' driving experience, the interior is equipped with a Tazuna cockpit and features an open and minimalist design. The interior embodies an elevated level of the human-centred Lexus approach – an ethos that has been a foundation of the Lexus brand since 1989.

LF-Z drives around winding roads between seaside and hills

Next Generation Driving Performance


New four-wheel driving force control technology, which uses the instant responsiveness of an electric motor's driving force to individually control each wheel.


The LF-Z Electrified evolves the Lexus Driving Signature, a unique Lexus driving experience that aims for a linear response that is faithful to the driver's intentions, including the feeling of seamlessly connecting braking, steering and acceleration in all driving situations.

Predictive Technology


While the augmented-reality head-up display, gauges, touch display, and other information-provision functions are grouped into a single module, driving system functions are concentrated around the steering wheel. This suggests the direction of next-generation Lexus interior styling, with expanded forward visibility and the driver being naturally invited to look forward.


Learns the driver's preferences and behavioural characteristics and provides constant support to the driver. Artificial Intelligence (AI) comes to life by acting as a lifestyle concierge, proposes routes and restaurant reservations, among others.

Tazuna cockpit of the LF-Z concept vehicle, with panoramic roof letting the sun shine through at all angles.
Tazuna cockpit of LF-Z

Interior Experience Reimagined


Uses electrochromic glass and is equipped with entertainment functions such as dimming for privacy and shade, or illumination to reflect the passing night sky.


The cockpit's design is based on the new concept of Tazuna - Japanese for "rein". Inspired by the relationship between horse and rider, the steering wheel-mounted switches and the vehicle's head-up display have been highly coordinated to create a space in which various functions, such as the navigation system, audio system, and driving mode selection, can be performed while concentrating on driving.

The Future

Lexus is accelerating the development of vehicles that meet the diversifying needs and lifestyles of customers around the world, with confirmation 20 new vehicles will be introduced by 2025 including two models to be globally revealed later this year.

Within this commitment, more than 10 new electrified vehicles will be introduced by 2025 as part of the luxury lifestyle brand's 'Lexus Electrified' vision.

The first Lexus BEV, the UX 300e, will launch in Australia in November 2021 as the first model in the 'Lexus Electrified' vision and the most powerful Lexus luxury compact SUV – all complemented by 'Lexus solutions' to BEV ownership as part of the renowned Lexus Encore owner benefits program.

Lexus is Electrified

Man stands next to an RZ as it charges at nighttime.

Pre-production model shown. Final range and specifications may differ from those depicted.

Lexus LS
Explore Hybrid

Overseas model shown. Australian specifications & features may differ.

Lexus LF-30

Concept vehicle shown. Not available for purchase.


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